Hyper-localising Manufacturing

Antonym helps businesses move their manufacturing to the cloud and closer to home. Harnessing the power of Cloud & Industrial Additive Manufacturing, we give you everything needed to start producing locally.

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Introducing ADAM®

ADAM® or Antonym Distributed Additive Manufacturing is an end-to-end turnkey solution for local manufacturing. ADAM enables industries to digitise supply chains on the cloud and locally manufacture precision metal parts & components on-demand with Metal 3D Printing. An Integrated solution combining micro-factories & software to enable industries to re-shore manufacturing and produce precision parts faster, cheaper, & greener.


We sell factories and the software to run them.

Our modular plug & play micro-factories and powerful, cloud-based digital supply chain software platform enables you to start producing closer to your customers without the CAPEX and lead times of large centralised factories. 

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Micro modular manufacturing for high-value frontier industries

Safeguarding frontier industries by helping them reshore production. Precision parts & components are the atoms & bits of the world around us and they shouldn’t have to be shipped 14,000 miles across the world over many months. So, we are localising parts manufacturing in industries where the immediate availability of parts & components is crucial to keep operations up & running as machine & fleet downtime is prohibitively expensive.

Better for business, the customer, and the planet.

Local Manufacturing that is faster, cheaper, & greener.

  • 30% cheaper

    one-third the cost of overseas off-shore manufacturing in far-east countries

  • 4x faster

    four times faster lead times to get your parts made closer to the need

  • 80% greener

    made to work for the planet with 90% less shipping & 80% less stock wastes

Off-shore manufacturing halfway around the world isn't as compelling as it once was.

ADAM® shortens supply chains, reducing the distance between production and consumption.

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    Parts in days, not months

    Parts locally 3D Printed in 24-48 hrs. Shorten supply chains, slash lead times and avoid downtime losses.

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    Radically reduce inventory & shipping costs, import/export tariffs, carbon penalties & achieve lower TCO/part.

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    Parts right, anywhere anytime.

    Proprietary tech ensures parts are of same quality & consistency in all globally distributed print locations.

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    Just In Time

    Parts made to order, significantly increasing factory efficiencies & reducing waste in the process.

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    Safe-proof supply chains

    Reduce off-shore dependence and avoid supply chain breakdowns with locally 3D printed parts.

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    Stack & sclae

    Printfarms are containerised & standardised factories, making it easier to scale & easier to deploy.

Switch from off-shore centralised manufacturing to distributed local manufacturing in 4 steps

ADAM is a turnkey plug & play solution making the switch to local manufacturing frictionless & seamless.

Think Global, Build Local

Try ADAM free for all your parts needs. No small prints.

Registrations for for private BETA trials open now.

Join the 50+ other manufacturers on our BETA list who are looking to leverage ADAM® to cut costs, lead times, CO2, & wastes. Subject to slot availability.

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